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We created Thuses to make it easy to share ideas with the mathematical community, and it is our goal to obtain a critical mass of mathematicians to create a meaningful and supportive community.

There are several ways you can help Thuses:

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We strive to make Thuses convenient for sharing math ideas:

Here are several ways you can help us:


We strive to make Thuses the best place for sharing math ideas, but we need authors to actually share them. The best way to help Thuses — is to write a post. If you have a useful note, a slick proof, or useful observation — share it with others. Look at the FAQ page to see the details of what we want to see on Thuses.

We also need authors in different categories. We would be especially grateful if you could write posts in the categories that are not yet present on Thuses. We have posts on algebraic geometry, but we have yet to find any authors in probability theory, logic, or functional analysis.

If you know people who have beautiful notes on their personal websites, please share Thuses with them.


You can contribute to Thuses not only by writing posts but also by commenting on others’ posts. We want to create a supportive community. Every author would be happy to get a comment about their post, whether it is a typo correction or a link to relevant results. Your comments can dramatically improve the original post. If you have any relevant material that might be useful, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and make the post more useful for others.

Please, be kind and respectful, and keep a professional tone in the discussions on Thuses.


Of course, we need people to read beautiful posts on Thuses. You will help us tremendously if you:

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  • You can also attach any relevant links on Thuses to your mathoverflow answers.

We believe that Thuses will make a positive impact on the mathematical community.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

We run Thuses on WordPress. If you know PHP and want to help us with code, please contact Slava ( We are currently working on LaTeX rendering on the server and a plugin for comments with LaTeX preview.